Piranha Storage and Hauling

Piranha acid solution (a combination of sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide) is highly effective at removing residual organic particles on substrates, making it very useful in the semiconductor field. But Piranha is also extremely corrosive and very dangerous. Its use requires attention to ultra high purity standards and protection against aggressive chemical corrosion.

To safely transport, process, and store high purity sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide, the components making up a Piranha solution, you typically use steel tankers, trailers, storage tanks, process vessels and ISO containers that are lined with PFA (perfluoroalkoxy), the most chemically inert fluoropolymer lining material on the market. No other resin will provide the needed protection against contamination and maintain the purity of the acids that make up the Piranha mixture.

At Electro Chemical Manufacturing, we’re experts at applying and welding PFA sheets to tanks, trailers, and ISO Containers. Most fluoropolymer lining shops do not have the welding expertise that we have established. Nor have they invested in a fully-equipped Class 10,000 Clean Room. It’s large enough for us to house dedicated “clean” equipment and to put your complete ISO Container inside and work on it!

Other companies will only deploy a clean room “tent” over the man-way when doing their welding. Tents are much more vulnerable to seal-breaking and contaminant influx. A full-sized clean room is very valuable in preventing particulate intrusion.

If your business is hauling Piranha post-production mix (also known as Piranha or sulfuric acid co-product), we’ve got you covered for that, too. Because it’s post-production, purity is no longer a concern. That means we can save you money while lining your tankers and trailers with top-quality chemical corrosion protection. For transporting sulfuric acid co-product, we usually suggest Halar® as the liner of choice. It’s a solid performer at a reasonable price.

One of our transportation services clients has had a Halar®-lined trailer in service for 4 years now and the liner looks as good as it did when first installed. For details about their experience, check out How a Transport Company Built a Successful New Service Line.

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