Mineral Processing

As a global leader in the hydrometallurgical lining market, we design, manufacture and install state-of-the-art lining systems. Our lining systems consist of specially engineered and manufactured bricks, lining and mortars that outperform and outlast other traditionally available systems, leading to increased production life and reduced equipment downtime.

Knight Material Technologies Autoclave

See an animated hydrometallurgy autoclave with the essential materials for lining systems. Knight Material Technologies (KMT) is the world’s leading provider of hydrometallurgical brick linings, mortars and acid-resistance membranes. KMT’s proven solutions protect autoclave steel shells providing thermal, mechanical and chemical protection in elevated temperature and pressure environments.

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Pressure Oxidation (POX)


Primary Equipment

Pre-Heater Tanks, Autoclave, Flash Vessels, Neutralization Tanks, Secondary Containment and Surface Protection

Primary Extraction

Gold, Copper, Zinc and Molybdenum

Pressure Acid Leaching (PAL)


Primary Equipment

Pressure Leach Tanks (PLS), Flash Vessels, Neutralization Tanks, Secondary Containment and Surface Protection

Primary Extraction

Nickel, Cobalt

Frequently Asked Questions

Mineral processing typically involves five main steps: comminution (crushing and grinding), separation (physical or chemical methods to separate valuable minerals from waste), concentration (removing impurities to obtain a concentrated product), dewatering (removing excess water from the product), and tailings disposal (disposing of waste materials).

An autoclave leaching process is a hydrometallurgical method used in mining and metallurgy to extract valuable metals from ores or concentrates. It involves subjecting the material to high temperature and pressure conditions inside an autoclave vessel, often with the addition of acidic or alkaline solutions, to facilitate leaching and dissolution of the desired metals.

In mining, an autoclave is used for various purposes, including pressure oxidation of refractory gold ores to enhance gold recovery, high-temperature leaching of base metals, and the treatment of ores and concentrates to extract valuable metals through controlled chemical reactions under elevated temperature and pressure conditions.

An autoclave in the mining industry is a specialized vessel or reactor used for high-temperature, high-pressure processing of mineral ores and concentrates. It plays a critical role in hydrometallurgical processes, allowing for the extraction of valuable metals and minerals through controlled chemical reactions within a controlled environment.

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