In a recent move designed to strengthen its core competencies, Knight acquired Electro Chemical Engineering and Manufacturing Co. (ECM) in Emmaus, PA. Electro Chemical also operates a division in Vancouver, British Columbia, called Superior Dual Laminate Products (SDL). This merger gives customers unparalleled access to the broadest available range of products and services in the corrosion protection industry.

Fluoropolymer linings are a proven cost-effective solution in many corrosive environments. Properly selected, they are less prone to chemical attack and less fragile than other lining options. Fluoropolymer linings can also be repaired and replaced to extend the life span of the equipment they are protecting.

Although dual laminates have been around since the 1960s, finding a universally agreed upon set of best practices for incorporating these fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) thermoplastic-lined products into your tanks and piping systems is nearly impossible. In fact, the first standards for welding of plastics, including liners, were not even introduced until 2015.

When you talk about fluoropolymer lining protection against chemical corrosion and permeation, PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) delivers the highest level of resistance. We can thank the strength of the Fluorine-Carbon bond within the PFA polymer chain for its incredible inertness. These bonds are so tight and enduring that they simply do not allow other atoms or molecules to separate them. This makes PFA the strongest of the fluoropolymers for preventing chemical corrosion, permeation, and reaction.

Since 2005, Electro Chemical Manufacturing has been providing protective fluoropolymer linings for rubber liner repair projects in the Biodiesel Industry. Biodiesel production equipment depends on the use of corrosion-resistant materials. While many plants rely on soybeans to make this sustainable, eco-friendly fuel, an increasing number are using even more corrosive waste oil from the restaurant and foodservices industry as a feedstock.

Picture yourself as the Plant Manager in one of the many industries that relies on specialty alloys, glass linings, or other corrosion-resistant materials to protect your equipment and keep your production running on schedule. You’ve just gone into shut down for annual maintenance. Your inspection team informs you that your critical process vessel is shot and needs to be replaced. Not what you wanted to hear, obviously.

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