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Electro Chemical

Electro Chemical offers a complete line of fluoropolymer lining and coating systems for pressure vessels, tanks, distribution equipment and internal components where the corrosive environment is extremely harsh or the purity requirement is extremely high. Located in Emmaus, PA, EC is a leader in chemical-resistant linings, including ECTFE, ETFE, Halar®, Hyflon, Kynar®, PFA, Teflon™ (PTFE), and Tefzel™. Experienced field installation teams are available to provide turnkey custom coating solutions at your site when the project is too large or time is too short to complete at one of our production facilities. Support is provided by a technical engineering staff that is available to aid in materials selection and to assist in selecting the most cost-effective system.

Superior Dual Laminate Products

Superior Dual Laminate Products (SDL), located in Vancouver, BC, focuses on FRP dual laminate equipment, including piping and headers, tanks and specialty equipment. SDL also offers services in welding and consulting for material construction in dual laminate corrosion protection. Materials of construction include PVC/u-PVC, CPVC/PP-B/PP-C, PVDF, ECTFE, PFA, PFA-M, ETFE or FEP.

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