Class 10,000 Clean Room

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Electro Chemical Manufacturing maintains an aggressive continuous Improvement process to enhance our Ultra High Purity (UHP) manufacturing infrastructure and procedures to meet the ever more stringent part per trillion purity requirements of our customers. We accomplish our continuous Improvement objectives through frequent collaboration with our customers and suppliers to identify, develop, and implement value-added innovation.

Our Class 10,000 clean room is a controlled environment where products are welded and fabricated. The concentration of airborne particles is controlled to specified limits. Eliminating sub-micron airborne contamination is really a process of control. These contaminants are generated by people, process, facilities and equipment. They must be continually removed from the air.

It only takes a quick monitor of the air in a clean room compared to a typical office building to see the difference. Typical office building air contains from 500,000 to 1,000,000 particles (0.5 microns or larger) per cubic foot of air. Electro Chemical’s Class 10,000 clean room is designed to limit particles to 10,000 particles per cubic foot of air.

Investments to date include:

  • Fully documented ISO 9001 processes and procedures
  • All employees trained to perform work steps in strict accordance with ISO procedures
  • Class 10,000 clean room for welding and fabrication
  • 18 meg ohm deionized (DI) water system for final rinsing and cleaning
  • Mass spectrometer for helium leak testing of all plastic welds
  • An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) manufacturing tracking system to provide real time production status

Procedures in place to meet stringent UHP fluid containment system requirements include:

  • Equipment dedicated for clean room use only
  • Technicians wear low particle generation uniforms while working in clean room
  • All weld seams are spark tested to ensure weld integrity
  • All UHP fabricated systems are helium leak tested to ensure a pinhole free system.
  • All fabricated equipment is hand-wiped with semiconductor grade isopropyl alcohol, then soaked and rinsed with 18 meg ohm DI water to extract any metallic ions that may have been introduced during the fabrication and welding processes.

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