Acid-Resistant Construction

KNIGHT-WARE® and DURO® Acid-Resistant Brick products are available in simple, customizable geometric shapes and sizes for today’s market. We have the capabilities to produce custom-designed linings for vessels in service today, and into the future. Our true refractory bricks maintain corrosion-resistance in high-temperature environments and conform to ASTM 279C specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

The term “acid resistant” refers to the ability of a material or substance to withstand exposure to acid environments without undergoing significant corrosion or degradation. Acid resistant materials are designed to resist chemical reactions with acids and maintain their structural integrity when exposed to acidic solutions, mixtures or gases.

An acid proof brick lining is a protective layer or surface made up of acid-resistant bricks that is installed within tanks, vessels, columns, chimneys or other structures to safeguard them against the corrosive effects of acids and chemicals. The lining serves as a barrier between the corrosive environment and the underlying substrate. This prevents damage to the structural integrity of the equipment or structure to lend it long-term durability in acid-handling applications or environments.

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