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See an animated hydrometallurgy autoclave with the essential materials for lining systems. Knight Material Technologies (KMT) is the world’s leading provider of hydrometallurgical brick linings, mortars and acid-resistance membranes. KMT’s proven solutions protect autoclave steel shells providing thermal, mechanical and chemical protection in elevated temperature and pressure environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acid proof brick, also known as acid-resistant brick or chemical-resistant brick, is a specialized type of brick material designed to withstand exposure to corrosive chemicals, acids or other harsh substances. It is commonly used in industrial settings where there is a need for protection against chemical corrosion.

Acid proof bricks are typically made from a combination of materials that offer high resistance to chemical attack. Common constituents include high-silica content materials, clay and sometimes additives like acid-resistant resins or bonding agents. These materials are carefully selected and processed to create bricks that can withstand the corrosive effects of acids and chemicals.

Acids can react with and corrode conventional bricks, leading to degradation and structural damage over time. The corrosive nature of acids can weaken the brick’s integrity, erode its surface and compromise its structural stability. Acid proof bricks are specifically engineered to resist such chemical attack and maintain their integrity in acidic environments.

The most resistant brick against chemical corrosion and acid exposure is a refractory brick that is specifically formulated for service in vessels subject to thermal shock and spalling. These bricks are known for their exceptional resistance to a wide range of acids, alkalis, and high-temperature environments. They are often used in industries where extreme chemical resistance is required, such as in the chemical processing and metallurgical industries.

An example of an acid-resistant or acid-proof brick is a silica brick. Silica bricks are made from high-purity silica and are known for their resistance to acidic and corrosive environments. They are used in various industrial applications, including the construction of acid storage tanks, sulfuric acid processing columns, RTOs and other structures that are within an environment subject to contact with corrosive chemicals.

Refractory bricks are used for high temperature and acidic environments. They are used as chemical-resistant masonry for process vessel linings. Different types of bricks are used depending on the application such as high pressure/chemical/abrasion resistance for mining applications or corrosion/high temperature resistance for chemical processing.

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