Knight Material Technologies Autoclave

See an animated hydrometallurgy autoclave with the essential materials for lining systems. Knight Material Technologies (KMT) is the world’s leading provider of hydrometallurgical brick linings, mortars and acid-resistance membranes. KMT’s proven solutions protect autoclave steel shells providing thermal, mechanical and chemical protection in elevated temperature and pressure environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Acid-resistant cement, also known as acid-resistant mortar, is used for applications where resistance to chemical corrosion is required. Commonly used types include Portland cement with added chemical-resistant additives or specialized acid-resistant cements formulated to withstand specific corrosive environments.

Mortar typically consists of cement, sand and water, with additional chemical additives as needed for specific properties or applications. These additives may include plasticizers, accelerators, retarders and air-entraining agents, depending on the desired mortar characteristics and usage.

Acid-resistant or refractory cements are often used for lining the equipment and structures in a sulfuric acid plant. These cements are specially designed to withstand the harsh corrosive environment created by sulfuric acid and provide protection to the underlying materials.

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