High Purity Chemicals

The wide range of highly corrosive chemicals used in the Semiconductor Industry, includes Piranha baths, Nitric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Caustic, and Oxidizers. Though these chemistries are a vital part of any Fab’s operation, they need to be controlled, contained, and monitored on a daily basis. Dual Laminate tanks and vessels allow this control to happen, preventing unwanted corrosion to sensitive equipment and chip sets, while providing the proper storage and conveyance of these highly corrosive liquids.

Dual laminate or steel-lined tanks and vessels when lined with high-purity Fluoropolymers, eliminate the leaching of unwanted cations and anions into Semiconductor operations. When combined with multiple high purity water rinse techniques, these storage vessels promote the elimination of cation and anion contaminants, dramatically improving chip production efficiency and decreasing chip defects.

Both Superior Dual Laminates and Electro Chemical Manufacturing can design the appropriate high-purity lined vessels for your semiconductor needs. Want to understand the effectiveness of these systems relative to cation and anion leach levels? Ask us about our leaching studies which demonstrate their effectiveness in avoiding leachants. Have an impossible corrosion or high purity requirement? Give us a call, our team of engineers can help.



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Fluorpolymer linings are used to prevent metallic ion contamination of the high purity chemicals used in
the manufacture of semiconductors. This imporoves the quality and the manufacturing “yields” of the
semiconductor devices.

In semiconductor processing, Fluorpolymer materials like PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) and other specialized
resign linings may be used for protection of equipment and components to maintain purity and prevent

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