Trademarks include any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination of those elements that are used in commerce to identify and distinguish the goods of one manufacturer or seller from goods manufactured or sold by others, and to indicate the source of the goods.

Knight Material Technologies trademark names with appropriate trademark symbol and noun are listed below.

The following registered trademarks are owned by Knight Material Technologies in the United States and may be registered in other jurisdictions.

  • FLEXISADDLE® ceramic random packing
  • FLEXERAMIC® ceramic structured packing
  • KNIGHT-WARE® acid resistant brick
  • KNIGHT-WARE® acid resistant ceramic
  • KNIGHT-WARE® AP302 Brick
  • KNIGHT-WARE® PV33P Brick
  • LPD® low pressure drop random packing
  • KNIGHT-CHEM® ceramic packing
  • KNIGHT-CHEM® LPD® ceramic random packing
  • PERMANITE® acid resistant mortar
  • PERMANITE® flange insert
  • PERMANITE® resin tile
  • PYROFLEX® acid resistant sheet lining
  • PYROFLEX® 500 acid resistant sheet lining
  • PYROFLEX® 1080 primer
  • PYROFLEX® DUPLY lining
  • RESIBOND® D acid resistant mortar
  • RESIBOND® D flange insert
  • RESIBOND® D DUPLY lining

The following trademarks are claimed by Knight Material Technologies in the United States and may be registered in other jurisdictions.

  • CORFLEX™ Structured Packing
  • ACIDSIL™ Mortar
  • ACIDSIL™ HT Mortar
  • ACIDSIL™ K Mortar
  • ACIDSIL™ Z Mortar
  • CORESITE™ Mortar
  • DURO® Type II Brick
  • DURO® Type III Brick
  • GLYSIL™ 90 Mortar
  • KRYPTOKNIGHT™ A Inert Ceramic Balls
  • KRYPTOKNIGHT™ H Inert Ceramic Balls
  • KRYPTOKNIGHT™ M Inert Ceramic Balls
  • FLEXILITH™ HA Ceramic Media
  • FLEXILITH™ CR Ceramic Media
  • KNIGHT-BOND™ Mortar
  • EPOXIGARD™ P Primer
  • EPOXIGARD™ SL Coating
  • EPOXIGARD™ FSL Coating
  • EPOXIGARD™ HSL Coating
  • EPOXIGARD™ TA Coating
  • EPOXIGARD™ HT Coating
  • EPOXIGARD™ HC Injection Coating
  • EPOXIGARD™ BC Coating
  • EPOXIGARD™ SC Coating
  • EPOXIGARD™ HF Coating
  • EPOXIGARD™ V Coating
  • EPOXIGARD™ C Coating
  • EPOXIGARD™ SP Coating
  • EPOXIGARD™ WS Coating
  • EPOXIGARD™ LA Coating
  • EPOXINITE™ Mortar
  • PUREGARD™ Mortar
  • PUREGARD™ SL Coating
  • PUREGARD™ FSL Coating
  • PUREGARD™ C Coating
  • VINGARD™ P Primer
  • VINGARD™ TA Coating
  • VINGARD™ LA Coating

All other trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks that appear are the trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.

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