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Chemical Processing

In A Recent Move Designed To Strengthen Its Core Competencies, Knight Acquired Electro Chemical Engineering And Manufacturing Co. (ECM) In Emmaus, PA. Electro Chemical Also Operates A Division In Vancouver, British Columbia, Called Superior Dual Laminate Products (SDL). This Merger Gives Customers Unparalleled Access To The Broadest Available Range Of Products And Services In The Corrosion Protection Industry.

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Extremely Corrosive Processing Applications, Such As Those For Sulfuric Acid Production Or Hydrometallurgy, Require Resistant Interior Linings On Equipment To Help Prevent Leaks And Corresponding Hazardous Consequences, Including Environmental Contamination Or Damaged Equipment. Knight Material Technologies (KMT) Offers Its Proprietary PYROFLEX® Sheet Membrane Liner As An Integral Part Of Its System For Corrosion Protection In Autoclaves, Chemical Processing Vessels And Equipment That Require Materials Resistant To Sulfuric Acid.

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