Case Study:

New Hi-Temp, Hi-Flex Adhesive for PFA Liner Cures Bi-monthly Production Stoppages

Also, the high temperatures, extreme temperature fluctuations and vacuum pressures all contributed to the creation of cracks, pinholes and leaks in the lining of the pipe.

This meant that CCR had to shut down one of these two production lines every two to three months to repair the PFA lining. The repair costs and the lost productivity were a growing problem.

After a plant visit to Electro Chemical Manufacturing (ECM) and a series of in-depth conversations with their experienced PFA lining specialists, Mario and his team knew that Electro Chemical Manufacturing had the technical knowledge, plastic welding know-how and installation experience CCR was looking for in their new provider.

Electro Chemical Manufacturing also had one more big “plus” – they had a new high-temp epoxy they created in tandem with a major US engineering university. This new adhesive combined the high-temperature tolerance of an epoxy with the elasticity of an elastomeric adhesive. ECM’s new proprietary adhesive could tolerate temperatures up to 360° F without becoming brittle and cracking.

CCR gave Electro Chemical Manufacturing the contract to re-line their elbow pipe. In November 2016, the new pipe came on line. And after one year of operation, CCR has not had to do any maintenance to it!

The CCR team is thrilled with the performance of the new PFA lining. Not having to shut down for service four to six times a year has meant notable savings in repair costs as well as a boost in productivity.

“Electro Chemical Manufacturing’s PFA lining solution has already more than paid for itself in terms of saved maintenance costs and less downtime!”

– Mario Dalcourt
Maintenance Mechanical Engineer, CCR

The team at CCR believes their elbow pipe will keep going for quite some time. Not only are they saving on repairs and downtime, but also their new PFA lining has reduced their concerns about any potential environmental exposure in the workplace.

If you’d like to learn about our proprietary and revolutionary new adhesive, contact Knight Materials here.

Project Details

End customer: CCR Refinery (a Glencore company), Montreal, Canada
Fabricator: Electro Chemical Manufacturing, Pennsylvania, USA
Material: PFA GGS 2.3 mm fabric backed sheets | AGRU
Medium: Sulfuric acid solution vapor (70 %)
Temperature: 150 °C

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