Case Study:

Chemical Water Treatment Tank Exchange

Solution: Exchanging, installing and certifying new chemical water treatment tanks

The nuclear facility selected Electro Chemical Manufacturing (ECM) as the general contractor and installation certification resource due to their experience and high-quality reputation for managing critical condition projects.

ECM has overseen the following parts of the process:

  • The removal of three existing polyethylene tanks. These tanks were cut up inside the treatment room and placed into dumpsters.
  • The removal of one steel tank and associated injection skid.
  • The installation of three new polyethylene tanks.
  • The replacement of four Pulsafeeder chemical injection pumps.
  • Refurbished pump bases were taken off-site for rework and pump installation.
  • The removal and reinstallation of existing mechanical utilities to facilitate tank rigging.
  • The replacement of all CPVC piping from the new tanks to the new injection pumps.
  • The removal of one containment wall.
  • The removal of existing coatings on the containment floor and walls.
  • The application of HD257 primer and HD253 epoxy top coat system for the floor and inside walls of the containment area.
  • Inspection and PADEP certification records for all installed components and pump motors were completed and submitted to PADEP.

End Result: Long term and effective solution completed on time and within budget

ECM took on a very challenging project within a sensitive environment as the general contractor leading a team of providers to remove the old chemical water treatment tanks, install new ones and PADEP certify those installations along with coating the containment walls and floor to ensure sealing.

By selecting ECM as the general contractor for these critical PADEP regulated activities, the customer was assured the project was completed correctly, on time and within budget. The nuclear facility now has a long term and effective solution.

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