Liquid Distributor

We can offer high-efficiency acid distributors, providing better distribution of acid over lower feed points to evenly distribute the liquid across the tower’s cross-section. These designs provide optimum liquid vapor contact, which reduces the chance of poor performance due to liquid and gas channeling.

Orifice-Type Liquid Distributor

Designed for clean service. Liquid flow is fed to the top of the packed bed through a series of orifices. A single-piece design, the annular space used in conjunction with gas risers balance open area and liquid distribution coverage. Typical operational range is 2.5-3.1 turndown.

Weir-Trough Distributor

Generally used in towers with high liquid rates or fouling service. Individual troughs allow for maximum open area and V-weir minimizes fouling of the distributor during operation. Each trough is engineered to maintain effective gas-liquid contact over operational range of the distributor.
  • Small columns 17” to 45” – Model 378 Weir-Tube
  • Medium columns 28” to 99” – Model 127/310
  • Larger columns 42” to 124” – Model 1027 with Secondary Pipe

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