PYROFLEX® Acid-Resistant Membranes

One of the most unique protective lining systems in the market today is PYROFLEX® Acid-Resistant Membrane System. This system is a flexible, uniformly thick sheet membrane used as an impervious barrier between acid-resistant brick and corrosion-prone steel, alloy or concrete shell. This non-porous, non-aging thermoplastic:

  • Completely seals steel or concrete from chemical corrosion
  • Directly adheres to metal or concrete without adhesives
  • Provides continuous, uniformed lining (no lap joints)
  • Is highly resistant to thermal decomposition
  • Applies easily with no curing or aging process required
  • Acts as a deformation-absorbing element between masonry and sheathing steel or concrete shell
  • Can be readily repaired if damaged, reducing downtime costs
  • Is spark-tested to assure barrier protection


PYROFLEX® 500 Acid-Resistant Membrane System is a fiber-reinforced composite applied in sheet form by fusing directly to a properly cleaned and primed surface without the use of an adhesive. It is an extremely dense material that absorbs less than 0.1% of boiling water. Because of its thermal stability, it has an outstanding performance record in masonry-lined towers.

PYROFLEX® DuPly Lining

PYROFLEX® DuPly lining consists of PYROFLEX® membrane with an overlay providing additional protection.

Additionally, we offer other lining materials to meet customer specifications, like:

  • Rhepanol (a graphite-filled polyisobutylene rubber sheet product)
  • KNIGHT-GARD® Protective Systems
  • Glass-reinforced Resin Systems
  • Fluoropolymers

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