Bulk Density Conductivity (K factor) at 1000° @ °F Chemical Composition
GLASSROCK 45 lbs/ft3
722 kg/m3
1 BTU/in/lb-ft3-°F
0.1 W/m-K
> 99.5% SiO2
CARBON 100 lbs/ft3
1,600 kg/m3
30 BTU/in/ft2-°F          7% Ash
LOW ASH CARBON 100 lbs/ft3
1,600 kg/m3
42 BTU/in/ft2-°F
6 W/m-K
2% Ash
  Density Compressive Strength Water Absorption
CORESITE 135 lbs/ft3
2,275 kg/m3
2,000 psi
97 MPa

Other Chemical-Resistant Applications

Alternative Knight Material Technologies Acid-Resistant Brick products are available for applications requiring specialized acid-resistant brick:


Inorganic material with alkali-resistance within pH range of 5 to 14


Metallurgical coke with high degree of chemical resistance provides excellent service when subjected to extreme thermal shock


Open cell-type, pure fused silica foam with high thermal insulation and shock properties


High thermal conductivity, high thermal shock resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, high corrosion resistance, high bending strength, and excellent resistance to liquid aluminum erosion capability. SiC brick is particularly ideal for application in high temperature.

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